You’ve Come to the Right Place. I Will Help You Make Your Birthday a Powerfully Positive Experience

Highest Quality in Labor Services

My job as a Doula has one very special purpose and that is to guard your birth space so that you can experience a natural way to labor and move your baby down. From the first contractions, to the moment you hold your baby in your arms for the very first time, I will work with you to create the best birth experience possible. It is my desire for you to feel the power and energy created when you take control of your birth.


This labor package includes:

  • 2 prenatal visits at your home(filled with valuable information on what exercises to do during third trimester to help with Optimal Fetal Position, or OFP)
  • My assistance throughout the entire birth (both at your home and your place of birth) and afterwards until your baby latches well.
    (There is no maximum number of hours and you will not pay more for needing me more.)
  • Help with the birth plan
  • A trial run of “what to do” when labor starts
  • Counter pressure exercises to help teach your partner how to best support you physically during labor
  • Sometimes birth art is useful, similar to Birthing From Within
  • 24-hr support (texting, phone & email support) •1-2 postpartum visits as needed to help with any breastfeeding challenges. (I am certified in Lactation, so expert help with breastfeeding is included with this package.)
  • You also receive a basket of necessary goodies that I will deliver to your home during your first postpartum visit.
  • Again I have no time limits on your needs in birth and I’m there for however long you need me.
  • The birth package price is $1,250, but should you need a payment plan or have budgetary concerns, please see me.

Concerned Dad Needs Support? Me Too. I’ll Help Him to Be Your Hero in Birth

Concerned dad needs support? Me too. I’ll help him to be your hero in Birth. I want dad to be cared for so that he can tend to his partner and meet her emotional needs. Still heroes have to rest, to eat and to take a break. I monitor this part so that the birthing woman can keep focused on her job of breathing. The ally that I have with my families is an important partnership that has great impact on the birth. I am the guardian of the birth space so they both can just be.