The Top 5 Reasons Why I’m The Best Birth Doula In Denver!

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I am convinced the manor in which I doula has a drastic impact on my client’s births and their lives. When a family hires me, I explain that I am here to help you get your baby out. Once transition happens (the transition into active labor) I am a full-steam ahead to help you receive your baby into your arms. How do I do this? I’d like to explain for you here.

  1. I am practical in my approach as a Doula teaching you best practices in the 2 prenatals. You may wonder why this is helpful. I will inform you that hundreds of women have babies all over the world, every single day. You are NOT alone. I will deconstruct birth so there are as few surprises as possible. I will prepare you well. You will get it.
  2. I know quite well the terrain of labor to instruct effectively. I help you into position to aid in a quick, SAFE delivery. I’ve done this so many times, it comes like second nature.
  3. I understand how to care for the laboring woman quite well. This goes far in helping to keep the birthing space intimate and sacred. The room is best staged with those who understand birth and are part of your care team.
  4. I am intuitive & extra sensory in birth. I promise you’re going to thank me for this one! This can not be taught. I was born to Doula.
  5. I know how to relieve physical pressure and help minimize the feelings of contractions so a woman can feel great to give birth! This too you’ll thank me for.