A Good Birth Is Just Good Time Management

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Well, how exactly do you do that? Having seen so many babies in the Denver area born to beautiful, competent mothers, I’d like to speak this very important aspect of birth. The birth culture in this country is probably not what you think. Most people believe that if you don’t overthink or learn too much before walking into the hospital, you’ll be fine. Sometimes they’re right. Most of the time they’re not and that’s for many different reasons.
I’d like to speak to the puzzle piece of time. Birth is a place where this is never more true: success is measured by what you do with the time you’re given. What does that mean? Birth is broken up into early labor and active labor. This is important for you to understand since “a good birth is just good time management.”
In early labor you ignore labor until you can’t ignore it anymore, period. You think you’re in labor- go back to sleep. Eat. Hydrate. Sleep (with a capital “S” and I’ll share the secrets of sleep another time.) IGNORE it. Tell yourself this isn’t real. Bake a cake. Do life like you normally do but with more nutrients and more rest. Ignore!
In active labor- now it’s go time. You’re half way up the mountain. Throw everything you have on the fire to get it rolling beautifully- and by fire, I mean you, the pregnant person. Take it up a notch and welcome those contractions. Labor is the one time when you know that pain or discomfort has a purpose. Guess what? You can handle it. How do I know? “I’ve never met you”, you say. I know that YOU CAN. I am not promising it won’t be hard. It will be hard but it will be worth it! Breathe through more contractions so you can see that baby. Before you know it, he or she is here. They’re in your arms. The sun is shining. And you are on a high no one could ever take away from you. Think I’m kidding? I could not be more serious. Don’t know if you were meant to see this article? Think again. Let’s talk.
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