Erika Jones: The Life Of A “Nurture The Mother” Birth/Labor & Postpartum Doula

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Up and getting dressed…… snacks packed and time for a cold glass of water. Got to get going! Moms water broke and she is starting to feel something. I’m not panicked. I am methodically moving to get myself ready to go. Done. Let’s go.
Its 4:22 am. Riding in my car this morning this Thursday morning. Quick shower taken, after a brief phone call my services are needed this morning early morning. Riding into work riding into Denver Health Hospital. Ego aside, pulling myself together, listening to loud music, then no music, heart pounding, seeing the families’ faces as I’m driving. I’m remembering dad’s wishes, remembering how much this baby is wanted. I’m thinking about my eyelids – they’re hot. I want to cool them off. I can’t wait to feel the cold wind in my lungs and on my face. It’s gives me an extra burst of energy. I left the house and thought about my babies, my husband, my warm bed. I love my work. Not many people on the road this morning. There are some truckers on the road, maybe even other laboring families to their birth place to have their babies. Starbucks isn’t even open. My car is warm. My hands are warm and dry. My hair is pulled back in a ponytail. I’ve got my Nurture the Mother Doula shirt on. That should explain everything! Haha. It always gets looks and questions asked. I’m wearing my lucky shoes. These shoes have seen more births than any of my other shoes, probably more births than many other doulas put together. I think they help the babies come faster.
There sure are a lot of yellow lights on the highway, well more orange in color, I suppose. I guess I have never noticed them. My lip balm on, got my essential oils in my purse, small labor tools in purse, rebozo scarf around neck and phone-ready to go. Let’s do this! People- say a quick prayer for a fast baby! I just did.