The postpartum mom has my heart. I love to instruct, inform and promote latest research-based practices for moms.

I like to meet the emotional needs of the mom so her soul is nourished. Sleep and food are some of the many things that Postpartum Doula support provides. Here are some more real-life benefits in receiving quality Postpartum care: a listening ear, education, latest research, breastfeeding support, a nap, a tidy kitchen, clean laundry, fresh energy and kind words filled with hope. Email me for pricing options.

Please Plan Ahead! My schedule is booked months in advance.

Newborn Sleep Support/Infant Sleep Training

I’ll help you get a plan and follow the plan. When your infant is ready for sleep training we can work on that too. There are no obstacles too big. With evidence-based information, you will have the correct information to make informed decisions. That’s exactly what you need.

I am a well- trained and certified CAPPA (CLE) Lactation Educator

My extensive experience and training is helpful to nursing moms with questions. This is a valuable asset after your baby arrives. You will be glad your Doula comes equipped with this knowledge base. I’ve been doing Postpartum support for many years now. It is important to me for you to have the tools that set you up for success. I will show you how to wear your baby. I bring multiple carriers for you to practice and practice some more. This is also for dad, grandma, grandpa, brothers and sisters or anyone else closely related to this new baby. When I come to your home you get the best in expert care anywhere around. My education, experience and knowledge of Birth and Postpartum lend confidence and insight to any new and growing family. I have extensive training in lactation counseling and will help with any issues that may arise.

We can work to troubleshoot any problems within my scope of practice. I will work one-on-one with you and your baby(babies) to achieve the best desired result for your family. You can do this!

Postpartum-Plan Ahead!

I liken birth to marriage. In this country so many times we focus on the wedding ceremony rather than the marriage, which can last 80 years. Similarly we focus on the birth and leave out another important piece – the Postpartum! Don’t forget about what happens after your birth. Plan ahead by talking with me about the reality of after your baby is born. I will help you formulate a plan so your experience in postnatal will be good.

With non-judgmental support I help you breastfeed successfully and navigate the sometimes difficult waters associated with first-time breastfeeding. You will learn how to wear and swaddle your baby, learn newborn cues and so much more. You get this all and get to sleep through the night. Also I bring you food in the night for you to help you maintain your milk supply. This high level of care for you, your partner and your newborn is worth every penny.  It is truly magic. Get it? I am your Fairy Godmother of postpartum. Your money could not be more well spent.