I’ve seen what Birth can be. Over and over and over again. I know her struggle is real. I also know the sweet satisfaction that comes after she has been triumphant. I cannot promise you that it will be easy but I can tell you that it will be worth it.


I don’t know where we would be without Erika. We never realized how hard taking care of a newborn was, especially a fussy one with colic and other things going on. We called her when we didn’t know what else to do, and it was the best thing we have ever done. We got through the tough first couple of months with her help and now have come out on the other side with a beautiful, happy baby and, most importantly, a happy (and well-rested) Mom and Dad. We love Erika and she will always be part of our family!

Alexa & Todd T.


VBAC SUCCESS!! I interviewed four different doulas.  I wanted to find the right pick and it was very important for me to avoid an unnecessary c-section with my second child. I had already switched doctors and I knew that I didn’t want to “schedule another c-section”.  After talking with Erika Jones I knew she was the one who would give me the confidence and education to help me succeed.

And BOY WAS I RIGHT! She was amazing and it was the best money I have ever spent.  Birth can be unpredictable and having her by my side through the ups and downs made for a great birth for myself and my husband.  The birth of my son was a VBAC success story and I chalk a huge part of that up to having Erika by my side and her knowledge and strength in the labor room when it counts the most. I wish every woman could have a doula like Erika by their side in labor.  I left the hospital feeling stronger, more confident and trusting my body after she helped me through my VBAC,  Thank you Erika!

Nicole M.


Hiring Erika was the best choices my husband and I made during our pregnancy. She brings an immense amount of experience and did aHiring Erika  phenomenal job of listening to and honoring our unique needs and background. She gave us a set of tools we brought to the delivery day, and with her present, instilled a sense of confidence and calm. She is a genuinely caring person and we all feel so blessed to have crossed paths with her. Our beautiful daughter came after a short labor; an experience that is so rich and profoundly life changing. I would recommend Erika as a guide to anyone who is seeking a Doula; she’s truly amazing.

Jessica L.


I knew I wanted a doula before I even got pregnant, my husband agreed but I think it was really only because of how important it was to me. We went to a doula mixer at the mamahood, and as we were leaving he said, “we really need to have a doula” – he got it. We hired Erika after meeting her at that mixer; we knew she was the missing piece for our birth.

Erika is amazing and so supportive of the kind of birth we wanted, natural. She came over a few times before I went into labor to answer questions and provide us with all the info we could want. She also helped us with things I could do to help get baby into the right position and to get in the right mind set.

When I went into labor, we called Erika and she came over and we were so grateful to have her! She helped me get into positions to make me more comfortable, less nauseous and to try to progress things. I needed a lot of physical support during my contractions, lots of hip squeezing and back pressure, and I know that there is no way one person alone (my husband) could have provided me all of the things I was needing.

I was so happy to be able to confidently labor at home, my husband and I didn’t need to be thinking about when we should go to the hospital; Erika would tell us when it was time. We most certainly would have gone in way to early if it was left up to us. Once we were at the hospital Erika continued to help to make me the most comfortable I could be. She gave both my husband and I the confidence to make the decisions that supported the way we wanted to birth. I could not be more grateful for that strength.

We needed to stay in the hospital longer b/c our daughter had some breathing issues, but Erika made sure to check in to make sure I was doing alright. She also helped with breastfeeding both at the hospital and again once we got home.

I honestly cannot imagine how things would have been different if we did not have Erika. I think having a doula is a critical piece of the entire process, and Erika is phenomenal and truly gives you the power to confidently make your own choices throughout your pregnancy and birth.

Lauren T.


5 STARS-One word comes to mind when I think about Erika with the House of Doula – AMAZING.   After meeting her for the 1st time, my husband & I knew she was the doula for me.   I was 41 weeks with an amniotic fluid leak & facing a c-section and if it wasn’t for her amazing tricks and knowledge, the birth of my son would have been much different.  She was a HUGE support for me after his birth as well.  I’m eternally grateful for her service.